Folk sacred fruit Mulberry and Organic Mulberry powder

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As early as more than two thousand years ago, the mulberry was a tonic for the emperor of China. Because of the special growth environment of mulberry, mulberry has the characteristics of natural growth without any pollution, so the mulberry is also known as the "folk sacred fruit".

It is rich in active protein, vitamin, amino acid, carotene, mineral element and other ingredients, with a variety of effects, known as the "best health fruit in the 21st century" by the medical community. Often eat mulberry can significantly improve human immunity, has the effect of delaying senility, and beauty functions.

Yesherb supply USDA & EU certified organic mulberry powder, with nature taste and color, good water solubility, it can be widely used in super food powders, dietary supplements, baking additives, food and beverage additives, etc.

Health functions of Yesherb organic mulberry powder

1. Improve digestion: Yesherb organic mulberry powder contains tannic acid, fatty acids, malic acid and other nutrients, has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, to improve digestion.

2. UFA Beauty: In addition to containing a lot of nutrients needed by the human body, mulberry also contains UFA, which can make the hair black and shiny.

3. Prevent vascular sclerosis: Yesherb organic mulberry powder contains tannic acid, malic acid, vitamin C and fatty acids. The fatty acids in mulberry have the effects of breaking down fat, reducing blood lipids, and preventing vascular sclerosis.

4. Anti-aging: Anthocyanins in the Yesherb organic mulberry powder are good antioxidants, which can promptly remove free radicals that cause aging of the human body.

5. Anti-cancer: Yesherb organic mulberry powder contains a large amount of rutin, rutin can prevent the formation of colon cancer.