The Secret of Wheat Grass Powder

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As we all know, wheat is very common in rural farmland. In the classification of food, wheat is eaten as a nutritious coarse grain. Do you know wheat seedlings? This is a very good food for us. Dehydrate it and grind it into powder, which can be used for brewing, and the form of the powder is more easily absorbed by our body, thereby supplementing the nutrients needed in our body. It is convenient to eat; So do you know the efficacy and function of wheat seedlings? Let's take a look.

The main ingredients compared with the ingredients of various fruits and vegetables: wheat grass powder contains more minerals and vitamins than other foods. For example, potassium is 25 times more than bananas, calcium is 10 times more than milk, iron is 5 times more than spinach, magnesium is 6 times more than wheat flour, and trace element zinc is not found in other foods. For vitamins, vitamin B1 is 16 times more than tomatoes, vitamin B2 is 45 times more than lettuce, vitamin C is 7 times more than orange, and vitamin E is 20 times more than wheat flour. Other nutrients such as folic acid are 8 times more than spinach.

At the same time, wheat grass powder is rich in chlorophyll. It can remove garbage from the body. Chlorophyll contains a lot of minerals and alkaline substances, which helps the body regulate the acid-base balance in the body. Therefore, wheat grass powder contributes to the action of heme, promotes metabolism in the body and eliminates cellular waste.

Wheat grass powder also contain dietary fiber known as health guards. Dietary fiber is closely related to many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia. It is indispensable to the human body, especially in the physiological function of the digestive system is irreplaceable, can protect humans from a variety of diseases, is the essential "seventh nutrient."

As you know we Xi’an Yuensun Biological Technology Company is devoted to producing organic wheat grass powder from self planting and processing. After the wheat seedlings are harvested, we processed it into powder form in our own professional fruit and vegetable powder factory. Our organic wheat grass powder are shipped all around the world and get good feedback from the customers worldwide too.