Health effect of sea buckthorn powder

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Seabuckthorn powder is the best raw material for a new diet made with seabuckthorn juice. The appearance of seabuckthorn powder is loose and fine powder, the color is yellow or orange, with the inherent aroma and taste of sea buckthorn and no odor. Seabuckthorn powder have effectively preserved the original color and flavor of seabuckthorn and the original nutrients of seabuckthorn. Seabuckthorn powder is also a raw material that is easy to store and transport.

Seabuckthorn powder contains a lot of nutrients. One gram of sea buckthorn powder contains 100 mg of sea buckthorn acid. Moreover, sea buckthorn powder also has the functions of discharging lead and anti-oxidation, and sea buckthorn powder can be easily prepared into tablets or granules and other dosage forms.

Seabuckthorn powder are rich in trace elements, amino acids, vitamins and natural acids.

The effect of seabuckthorn powder
Seabuckthorn powder has antioxidant effect. Seabuckthorn powder contains the original vitamin C, carotenoids, brass and other nutrients in seabuckthorn juice. These nutrients protect against oxidation and eliminate free radicals on the cell membrane.

Seabuckthorn powder has the effect of supplementing vitamins. Because sea buckthorn powder contains very rich natural active ingredients. There are vitamin A, a large amount of low-ester pectin, a variety of trace elements, vitamin B, vitamin VB2, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin F, vitamin Kl, vitamin P and so on. Among them the content of vitamin C is the highest. These active substances can form a low-toxic or non-toxic complex with the lead to form a low-toxic or non-toxic complex, which has a significant effect on lead and liver tissue.

Seabuckthorn powder also has the effects of supplementing nutrition, regulating immunity, anti-oxidation, protecting cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, and promoting growth and development. YesHerb sea buckthorn powder is made from natural sea buckthorn juice that sourced from Tibet, which is the best sea buckthorn planting area in China, processed with high-tech drying technology, without any additives, very popular on the market.