Brand Story

This story starts from a review at Stanford in 2012, the review has evaluated 240 research achievements and finally come to such a conclusion: there is not enough evidence to show that eating organic food is more nutritious than ordinary food, reducing the content of pesticides and exposure to drug-resistant bacteria.

This research has drawn world-wide attention and has been quoted by numerous medias.
And after that we began to hear the following remarks:
"Is organic food a kind of high-end food category? It is just a kind of psychological comfort"
"Organic food won't make you healthier"
"Organic food just sounds good"
Or even like this "It is just paying tax on your IQ when purchasing organic food"

But the truth is always complicated, in order to attract attention, "carefully selected" and "over-simplified" have become a common stratagem. Obviously, in this case the fact "organic food tends to have less pollution" is easily overlooked.
So, is organic food on earth more healthy or a waste of money?

In order to increase the yield and labor productivity, modern agriculture uses large-scale of pesticides and fertilizers, thus destroying natural ecosystems, resulting in low land production capacity. The decline in yield and large-scale using of fertilizers and pesticides, has led to the destruction of the natural ecosystem of soil ecosystems.
Since the yield is reduced by the contaminated land, so more pesticides and fertilizers are needed to increase the yield. But more fertilizer and pesticides bring more land problems, which creates an unavoidable vicious circle.

But, "You are what you eat", a simple words illustrate the importance of food to us.
YesHerb believe we should enjoy a healthy food and future. This is the right of everyone, even the mission of us.
Our footprints spread all over the China, we are finding the most primitive clean soil from Yunnan Plateau, Ningxia, Qinghai and many other places away from noise and industrial pollution, and build the organic planting base controlled by ourselves.

We are willing to spare no expense to build our complete organic production line with strict organic process. Each process and product are under strictly control. Cause we believe:
"Organic product" is not only a name, but also an important way of production.
We do organic product, we do the best organic product.

If you raise a milk cow, you should let him eat natural grass under the sunshine.
If you grow the carrot, you should fertilize the manure and let it grow in fertile soil.
Away from pollution, away from pesticide residue, away from transgenosis.
Organic way of production bring us a real provisions and health.

And all these are not only less pollution, more antioxidants, but also a complete flora, fertile soil,
Even the sustainable development of the present and future.